Friday, March 29, 2013

and Jackson

 Jackson's still here too.  He's somewhere around here, reading.  If he's not reading then he's outside or at Pokemon league.
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roller girls, roller gramps

 Skating is our favorite Saturday night event.  How awesome is it that Grampa Les goes with us each week too?!

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Sloane & Cort signs of strength

 The littles are growing up and accomplishing all kinds of things I never ever write about on our blog.  Sloane is a focused gymnast and Cort is wild about Tae Kwon Doe.  He's sad when it's Spring Break because that means there's no TKD classes.  The littles just broke boards and passed their yellow belt test like champs.  Sloane completed her second session of gymnastics.  Cort likes jumping in the foam pit but would rather pokemon battle Jackson than participate in gymnastics class himself.

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