Sunday, February 26, 2006

Okay, it’s time to face reality. I have no time for emails. I have time for ballet rehearsals, cloth diapers, making up songs and talking about the weather using the Annometer Billie made in school but I do NOT have time to write about it all in individual emails. So, we’re joining the bloggers. I’m a bit of a blog-tard so it might take a while but maybe I’ll get to writing out our recent activities and events for all to see and share. We have some pretty special moments most days and now you can bookmark this website to see what they are. Today’s being that school was cancelled on account of a base-wide ‘exercise’ so that our school building would be off-limits. It was pouring rain but I couldn’t miss the opportunity to get things done with a whole unscheduled day!! We went shopping (for me) this morning at Uni-qlo and then to Mass for Ash Wed. where I must have looked to need more connection to dust than the other church goers because I have the MOST ENORMOUS cross of ashes covering my entire forehead. The rain hasn’t been able to impair it…even after a trip to the grocery store and several trips carrying bags into the house.

Billie and Jackson read a book about Salvador Dali today and how he made movies in Hollywood (one of his many talents) and recalled Hollywood from a Muppets movie they watched ages ago, leading to a request and they’re watching that now. Sloane is growing every minute! She’s adorable and wants to be held ALL THE TIME- so I spend most of my day wearing the sling and toting her around. Bill had off work yesterday and we applied for her passport. One more round of pictures should do it…

Love you all!

Bille and Jack pre-baby Sloane.

Baby Sloane pretending she's a nun.