Saturday, February 14, 2009

even sleeping

This picture is too sweet not to blog...Sloane even sleeps matching Lola. Billie reading Spiderwick book 4. If Sloane is ever able to keep herself awake through reading time we turn out the lights and Billie and Jackson each get flashlights to read under the covers. Seeing them do this is just what you thought growing up and having kids would be like when you were 10. It's a dream come true.
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Bill actually took a picture. People always ask me how I knit with 4's easy...just like this.

We're having a happy valentines day as we pack up to head out on our Austrian ski trip later this afternoon. The kids are so funny and fun to be around these days. Sloane is really into watching these home videos of herself as a baby and it's hilarious to see 2 year old Jackson making up sentences full of big words in the wrong places and cranky faces when someone makes a gesture toward helping him. Billie, in these films, is a happy, dancing girl with clever negotiations. I can't even remember them being like that, it's so sad. And so funny that they are both EXACTLY the same as they were then. At the time I was wondering what their personalities would be like as they grew older but they haven't changed one bit over the years.

The other day when I was looking through Molly's closet I had to admit that she has a much better wardrobe than I do. Lola does as well- her shoe collection alone is worth more than our van.

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