Wednesday, August 06, 2008

home body

This year is the year I've enjoyed staying home. Not that we actually spend much time IN the house but I do try to schedule at least one day a week where I'm not driving and we just hang around here, maybe go to the park or walk to the market but no major events. A day when we're not going from here to there does a lot for our stamina through the week.
That said, we've been SOOO busy. I feel like we're constantly involved in stuff..even when we don't leave the house Billie, Jackson and Sloane even are going to their friends' and they invite their friends over here so there's more than 8 kids here at least 3 days a week- so being home certainly doesn't equate to down time. Ask me how many times I had to 'turn on the light and say "Something is not right!" in my Ms. Clavel voice yesterday as EACH of the six girls who were here took turns being Madeline in our re-enactment of the story book...and you will get a sense of how un-down-time it really is.
I've noticed I really like it. I haven't been itching to take any trips, I'm not envious of all the places our friends and those around us are traveling to this summer. I think the kids would rather meet their friends at the park in the backyard than see ancient ruins and I'm enjoying our summer of no travels. At the same time I can hardly wait for September. I am eager to get back our quiet mornings of lessons and reading while all the other kids are away at school. For now our lessons seem the only 'down time' in our day as soon as they're done we're off in the van or Jackson is on the phone to his friends- gathering up a gang for outside 'army'. If this has a thing-of-the-past air about it, it's because we'll be taking a trip to Egypt soon...I'm pretty sure.