Sunday, April 30, 2006

fun times

Last night we had two of Jackson's best friends sleep-over. The oldest Pascoe boys. We went for a walk in the dark wearing jammies with light-sabers (fashioned from glow-sticks). We watched a video, read stories and had a grand ole time. That was five kids folks. Yesterday we put the two big ones in the Burley car and tried Sloane out in the back pack on a big hike. Sloane did NOT like the back pack so she slinged for most of the time. By the way...I don't know what I was thinking when I wrote in that last post about Billie and Jackson being kind to eachother?! They spent the whole time in the burley bickering and consequently lost their opportunity for the ice cream we were going for! ACK!
We spent Saturday at the kids museum with our friend Eva along. Avoiding the rain and putting on shows for all the museum attendees.
This week is a busy one- there's a lot of meetings and stuff scheduled for the first week of the month and it always gets hectic.
We're off to gymnastics so I better go wake Sloane up.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Here we are at the cabin. Bill fixed the computer but it's almost midnight so I'm going to bed.

Oura Wan - take me away!

We had the NICEST weekend walking on the beach with a playground so close it was practically in the front yard of our cabin at Oura Wan. The reason I haven't written about it yet (and why there are no pictures posted here) is because our computer is broken. We're operating off the lap-top while Bill works on the mother-board and does other stuff that I don't understand to the pieces of our old computer laying all over the kitchen and dining room tables. So...sorry for being out of touch. Back to the best weekend ever: I went to a discussion group thing on simple living aka voluntary simplicity. this is a sort of movement thing and that's the internet research that lead me to the families who travel around the country in RVs and actually go and DO the crazy things they wish they could do when they wake up in the morning and think "What do I want to do today?" The discussion was interesting and really has me thinking more about what I buy vs. what I need and I'm going to start being more intentional when I make my purchases. Here's what I'm asking myself: How much/often will I use this? Is it green (not in the mono-chromatic color scheme kind of way but is it earth-friendly)? Where will my money go if I buy this? and it must meet one of these two requirements: beautiful or useful. If it's cute...that's not good enough...I just want BEAUTIFUL. Now, you may be asking yourself..."why is angi solley such a total FREAK?" 3 reasons. I hate cleaning. I don't like stuff. I don't like having to clean stuff.
Also, I've been to almost no malls in 6 years and I'm trying to ready myself before I get home and OD on things that are on sale for $6.99 at wal-mart.
THEN we went to Oura Wan and had just a few clothes with us, 4 toys, and how easy is life all of a sudden? All day is sit around and read time, talk with friends time, dig in the sand time. Doing dishes takes 2 minutes because there are only 5 dishes. LOVELY. I'm motivated...before we move I'm going to keep culling our collections so that we've got what matters...and are free from the other stuff.
As for the kids, Sloane is super cute and each day you KNOW she's at max cuteness and then the next day...a ponytail and even cuter. that's right...cuter! Billie and Jackson may have finally figured out that being kind to eachother is easier than fighting. Bill hardly goes to work at all because he's on his way out. Life is good.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Frog guts

How awesome is our school? Here are the kids checking out their Science teacher dissecting a frog. (This is really just Billie's K/1st grade class but they let the preschoolers come in to have a look if they were interested...Jackson was.)
I'm REALLY going to miss this school group when we leave.
That was yesterday, today we went on a tour of the firestation with our playgroup. Got to try on the helmets and sit in the truck (but I forgot the camera). Then it was a playground picnic for lunch, pick up the Pascoe boys and off to yet another playground. They had so much fun making up a game that was something like "King of the mountain" with a bunch of Japanese kids who only knew "What's your name?" in English.
When we finally dropped our friends back at their place and arrived back home at 3:30pm there was Bill on the couch! "I've been off since lunch!" Having spent the whole day here (not picking up one darn thing) and wondering if we were ever coming home. (My cell phone wasn't charged- I hate that thing!)
Ah well...
Other exciting events this week: Morning at the beach playground (find Billie and Jackson in picture. Hint: Billie is wearing bunny ears...I can barely get her to take them off for a bath and Jackson is pushing a stroller) when Noah plopped right off the stepping stones and went for a dip with the fishes! He had pond scum in every possible crevice...but I suspect that he just wanted to find a 'mommy- approved' reason to get nudey booty. And Sloane got the COOLEST monogrammed diaper bag (it's a good thing I get to wear it or I'd have to steal it from her) from our good friend Jill. How happy are we?! Also, we're working out as a family in the 'active parent room' at the gym. The kids play in a padded area with toys while Sloane lays around and watches them and tries not to get stepped on and Bill and I do eliptical trainers and stuff...17 lbs. to go. And I've become obsessed with reading blogs, of other people and hippie families and mostly people that drive around in RVs and unschool their kids for a LIVING. So exciting to consider reading about the Boston tea party and then touring around Boston! Talk about a learning experience. Karate continues to be fun. I guess that's it for now.

Tomorrow we're off to spend the weekend at Oura Wan. Should be fun!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter bunnies

This morning was fun. The easter bunny had string going from Billie and Jackson's beds all through the house, under the table, around the doorknobs, through the bathroom, and every which way...when they finally got to the end of their trail they found their easter baskets. What a blast. And bunny ears from Nanna! Hooray!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Okay, here's our photo session from the photog. the old stuff.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

what's the state of your vagina?

Because mine is ALL GOOD! When I was at the OB this morning for my check-up she didn't think I had delivered vaginally and said I had "nice muscle tone!" How cool is that?! I know this isn't a normal blog thing...I don't know about your job but there's not much positive feedback for me. I get things like "I wish this grilled cheese didn't have black on it." So, it's really nice to get some recognition. Keep up the kegels ladies...i guess they really do work!
I won't include any pictures here...though I am tempted to order myself a t-shirt or something. Surely there is some type of medal I can get?

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Oki playground

This morning was lovely again (thank goodness...trapped by rain all day is NOT fun). So we hit up a super cool park and made some Japanese friends. Billie has learned a little Japanese at school- just enough to make friends and play together. Here's how crazy Okinawa is. There were two kids at the park that looked a little raggedy and the boy (5 years old) was wearing some beat up hello kitty shoes on the wrong feet. (Billie and Jackson wear their shoes on the wrong feet about 95% of the time because if it bothered them, they'd change it...i'm not going to argue with them over THAT). But i NEVER see other kids doing that (apparently, most moms will argue this point). But then I noticed that he was in charge of his 2 year old little sister as he was helping her wash her hands and that their mom wasn't even AT the park!! There's apartment buildings all around the block so i guess she could just peek out and see them but they had a bag, like a grocery type bag, with some snacks in it so i guess she wasn't planning on joining them anytime soon. isn't that awful? you think at first...but the kids were so nice to eachother and i talked to the boy a little bit, his sister was fascinated by Sloane and they were just fine really. and it's just so darn safe here- there's not really anything to worry about. isn't that what life was like when my granny had her kids? i bet she just let them run around the farm and i guess someone could have gotten hurt or fallen but they would just have to send a sibling to get Mom in the house or something. sometimes i question being protective, it's a little paranoid. i'm TOTALLY freaked to have the kids in the States because (maybe this is how a canadian sees it) it seems like some shooting range and kid napping also seems really frightening. feel free to email me any uplifting stories of random acts of kindness if you see them!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

that's odd...i couldn't include the pictures. will they work here? will they work anywhere? will they, could they on a boat? could they would they...with a goat?
Today it's rainy and we're stuck inside...the good bit about that is that I get stuff done around the house (because in case you haven't noticed, we don't spend so much time around here chillen). Most mornings we do school (now that Billie is officially five- I feel like I've got to do that at least 4 times a week) which is pretty fun but requires all my attention and we do it while Sloane has a morning nap. I'm not too strict about it since I went over a list of 1st grade requirements and Billie has them ALL beat with the exception of just a few. She can read little words, add, subtract, count beyond 100, count by 10s, find several countries on map and (just so it's not like i'm bragging...we must remember ALL she's learned) lie. She lies sometimes now like stepping on Jackson's bag of popcorn and saying "It was an accident" also yesterday at the beach when she kicked sand on her friends drawing and I said in the 'stern mommy' voice "Come here, Billie." she replied "I didn't do it!" ...interesting. i think i did that kind of stuff as a kid.

Jackson doesn't really lie. (he's the good one)

Also, Bill and I have decided that we should ALWAYS have a 4 month old in the house. Isn't 4 months just the PERFECT age? (i know...i would have said 3 months if you asked me last month!!!) But she's SO cute. She's round and smiley and sweet and she can't squirm away too far and she doesn't ask questions just accepts things. She's so cuddly to hold and when you get in bed at the end of the day right next to the warm spot she's made up in the bed, and you just get to put your arm on her tummy and spoon with her little breathing and sweet face. ...there just couldn't be anything better! i seriously don't know how i will ever overcome the urge to have BABY babies around for very long.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Billie had the happiest birthday ever with a few of her friends and lots of fun. The cupcakes were in an ice cream cone, we made candy braclets, had a treasure hunt and popped confetti balloons.
Jackson got a new 'mean-guy' helmet, which he has been wearing everywhere. Sloane has learned to stand propping herself against the japanese (low to the floor) coffee table. Isn't that freaky? apparently being cranky is a good work out because she is STRONG.

today i'm ILL in a big way with some sort of head flu. i won't go into the details of mucus colors here. Just post some pictures and get back in bed.