Friday, August 28, 2009

#1 Bill

Bill really is a superhero. He's awesome at everything he does, especially being a Dad and especially at being a husband who always puts me and the kids as his first priority and especially at being super strong and a marathon runner even though he has constant lower back pain and especially at recovering from surgery on his back that he only just had yesterday.

He's the incredible Bill.

In other news Billie stayed outside for 8 hours the other day playing jungle girls with her friends at the park before I had to finally insist that she come inside so I could stop sending Jackson outside with sandwiches and water bottles and after 2 trips myself to re-apply sunblock.

I was the kooky character at vacation Bible school AGAIN this year.

Cort was a little stomach sick the other day, you could tell he felt miserable just kind-of limp and mellow. We kept offering him things to make him feel better: 'want a popsicle?' 'want a teletubbies video?' He could only muster up one word 'baaaseballlllllll'. "You want to play baseball?" "yeah."
So, Bill took him outside and played. Poor little guy was happy-ish for 10 minutes and then came back in to rest.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Bill #2

Cort is an absolute monster. He doesn't hit or bite or anything but he SCREAMS when he wants something. And gets most of what he wants.

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