Thursday, January 22, 2009

What my hair looks like

My hair is so much cooler than the rest of me.
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Sunday, January 11, 2009


I don't have to remind myself that Cort is just a little boy. He's VERY little boy. He's cuddly and sweet and awful and he eats ALL the time. Cort has a teeny tiny vocabulary because he's perfected the art of pointing and grunting. He's got 5 of us running to do his bidding with that little point and grunt technique. When he's in his little toddler gymnastics class all the little girls his age are so verbal. The girls are all practically "Oh my, isn't this a charming dance around the parachute" and when I ask Cort do you want to dance? He just points and says "Ba!" He has plenty of signs and a few words but he's really made his needs quite clear and we all know the subtle differences between 'Baa'(that!), 'Da' (I want it), 'Na na na' (no no no), Nana (banana), 'Mama' (mommy or daddy), 'Baba' (Billie), and 'BA'(ball). He also has a word for drink but it's the noise we used to play Indians before we knew to call them Native Americans, using your hand to block off part of the sound coming from your mouth during a loud "Ahhhh" so that the sound keeps bobbing up and down. It's very annoying and we get him a drink right away to stop the noise.

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Sloane-y Bologna

Frustration and then joy. That's Sloane. "I'm so MAD..okay now I'm happy."

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then there's Jack

Jackson is a complicated kid. He's so sensitive and I keep waiting for him to outgrow it. He wakes up every morning before the rest of the house and silently climbs into the giant beanbag- sometimes dressing first. When I wake up in the morning I know I'll find him curled up with a book. Or, with crazy bed hair- working on deciphering or writing out a code. He's strong and smart and amazing and also totally immature. It's often hard for me to remember that he's just a six year old boy. He's a little boy- he dresses up in costumes and plays with stuffed animals. But he churns through academics like they're cake and beats out is his big sis in a lot of areas (and she's no dummy!). When ever we leave the house he has one of his 'guys' with him and usually the guy is wearing a sweater hand knitted by Jackson. If something doesn't go the way he wants it he gets mad and it's like you can almost see a tornado whirring up inside him. Jackson is the reason I'm constantly pouring over parenting books.

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Composing works of art

I love these pictures of Billie. This is how she is 98% of the time. She's really very happy, enthusiastic and loves everything and everyone. Here she is composing her own music. She plays a few notes, then thinks about it, then plays a little differently and then puts her pencil to her mouth and then says "Yeah! That's it!" and scribbles onto her paper.
A few days later when she goes to play it, it sounds all off. "Mom?" she calls. I turned the paper right side up and now it's all good again.
Billie is taking piano and Jackson is not. Being just 15 months apart they are in the same gymnastics class, the same tae kwon doe class, the same soccer team. Piano is Billie's.

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