Thursday, July 24, 2008

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Cort is cute

Look at all Cort's teeth. His look is really messy at a birthday party after eating cake and chips....fourth child gets chips before he turns one. Billie didn't have french fries until she was over two. When he was like 7 months old the kids would just hand him half of their balogna sandwich with mustard. Cort has been witness to more bad behavior now than Billie at age 4. Crazy how you can grow up in the same family and have such drastically different lives. Sloane and Cort (set #2) are like a whole new franchise.
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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

And now we are six

Jackson spent his birthday being a pest. Apparently the rush of a waterslide is nothing in comparison with tormenting bikini clad women. He was giggling and hiding behind bushes all day, like a watergun ninja, squirting innocent park attendents and gleefully stirring up smokin' hot girls. I didn't feel too bad about his pesky behavior because the Turkish girls are not the kind to react with mere squealling and peevish looks. They were always up for his game and instantly swiping off their boyfriends hats: makeshift buckets to soak Jackson with.

I love it that the Turks are so friendly and playful...the whole country adores kids and their misbehaviors. It's little brother heaven. PLUS Nanna was here with us to celebrate the big day which makes everything more fun...even waking up in the morning is exciting. We got sunburns and then made cake.

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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Earth Science

Yesterday we met up with friends and went exploring in the pond. We caught tadpoles. Sloane really got into it. Let's hope they don't go the way of the hermit crabs we used to catch at Oura-Wan.

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Saturday, July 05, 2008

it turns me upside down

The kids finished up their soccer season.

Billie is totally hopeless with with most things that involve balance or athletic skill- that is just not her strength. Jackson is actually pretty good at skat boarding- which is scary.

Here's a day at the park.

Sloane has turned into this super-great kid and when in a group of her peers (playgroup of 2 year olds) she is actually sharing, polite, gentle, thoughtful and happy. Her responses to me still frequently begin with the words "No! Because..." but it's nice to see she has the capacity for something other than world domination outside of our home.
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blame it on six

I've been busy. For a while I felt like I had my life pretty well under control- there were a few years there where I was feeling all giddy about getting to 'be grown up' having our kids and a home was fun and the livin was easy. Along came six. Not the number of people- the age SIX. Which, now that we're on to seven with Billie, I can see was just like a mood swing that lasted a year. But guess who's birthday is coming up soon? My kind, helpful son who has just happened to turn AWFUL in the last few months. Here we go again....
Why didn't anyone tell me that six was the year from emotional hell?!!
And then we had to figure out a strategy...because our non-yelling-time-outs didn't seem to be making anything better. If only there were some kind of time out that lasted a year...that might have been useful.
I decide to go with the 'no punishment' option. Bill thinks I'm insane. We really NEEDED time outs when there were 2 and 3 very little kids around and that worked well for us for many years. But, I don't see that working forever. I think now they can start taking on the idea that you do the right thing because you respect others and because it is the right thing to do, not just to avoid punishment. So...that's what we've been working on here. That, and having family visits, attending an absurd number of bbqs and birthday parties before people leave for the summer, Bill getting moved right up to a higher position at work which involves busier days during work hours, taking Turkish lessons, keeping Cort from darting off to the bathroom when no one is looking, weekly field trips to augment homeschooling, Billie and Jackson being 'official' 2nd and 1st graders- continuing our 'lesson's through the summer, reading reading reading, pool time and playing outside. Then there's Bill who wanted to climb Mt. Ercyie with some friends and then he came up with a work-out plan and then he had the gall to actually STICK to his new plan, he's running five miles for 'fun' (??!!) and doing all this other excercise-y stuff with those fit-type people like running races and Saturday morning bike rides all over the hills of Turkey. I remain committed to a nightly snacking pattern and my yoga class is on hiatus for the summer so I am alone in my couch-potato status in the family. phew. i think that's it.
But I'm going to start blogging again, with renewed commitment- so that there's some record of all the life that's happening here at the speed of light.