Tuesday, February 27, 2007

How do you say 'snow' in French?

Snowy days are FINALLY here and we're loving it. Well, we all are except Sloane who doesn't have a waterproof snow suit (really, we'd only wear it two days before it was outgrown so it doesn't seem worth the shopping and purchasing effort): see photo below of her looking longingly out from her glass prison. We've all been knitting and crocheting up a storm as the snow falls into maybe 5 inches outside. Perfect, powdery, not too cold, not windy, just right for packing snow! Of course, that hasn't stopped us from our usual museum trips, the President's Day Parade, and other exciting events. We were all into George Washington (in addition to book 3 of Harry Potter) for a while. Now we've moved on to pracitcing our "Bonjour", "Sil vous plait", "Merci Beaucoup", and "crepe" (because Bille wants to know how to order pancakes in French). We're talking about the Euro and studying the map. At least we're doing something to get ready for France because it's not like I've started packing or made plans for anyone to watch Minerva...that would be practical.
Can you tell i'm strictly in 'fun' mode with this trip...in denial that it will require any actual planning or work? We're the lightest packers on the planet so packing should be quick and then we'll be on a plane the day after tomorrow! Au revoir for now!

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Sunday, February 18, 2007

part 2 (above part 1)

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We've got art!

Aunt Elizabeth gave us a painting and I LOVE having it in the house...a sleeping kid is my most favorite thing. It's just a little glimpse of a 3 year old napping, or after dark, you can see every bit of sweetness in their soft skin and relaxed body. Like, i don't feel like i'm that relaxed...even when i'm sleeping. now i get that little dose of relaxed perfection- wild babies at rest, each time i look at it. Ahh...yoga at a glance. Thank you Aunt Elizabeth!
Here's Billie's drama class (some of them) doing a performance. Billie was the vulture...and had the best loud, clear voice of the bunch (maybe there is a reason for her un-reasonable volume). If only she were on stage all day everyday...it would make sense.

Nannou sent the kids silly lollipops that look like fat kissing lips when you eat them. Thanks Nannou (the kids liked that as much as I like our painting). Posted by Picasa

Thursday, February 08, 2007

goggle heads

this morning Jackson brought his ski-goggled-self into our room (he's the one who wakes up first in our family and usually comes in to read quietly until I or Sloane roust ourselves from slumber) and billie did the same thing (except came downstairs, because we were awake by then) two hours later (she's a late sleeper). a note here: ski goggles AND bed head are not such a good combo... but i think we're finally seeing interest in a subject area that is not of the wizard world (phew!).
We're off to Massachusetts tomorrow mostly to see family but we're all excited about getting in a ski day, too. (when i say 'all' i mean Bill and the kids because I'm staying home with Sloane).
Here are some non-goggle shots to keep within our standard of randomness.
Jackson pictured with Mr. Rizzo.
Billie at the computer in one of her 'creative' ensembles - "I like to be colorful!"
Our best attempt (weak!) at a snowman...consists only of a head and then spending the remainder of the day propping umbrellas about and other unsuccessful ventures in an effort to 'save him' from the sun. Sloane joins the kids for 'reading time'.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

quick shots

Sloane learning songs from Jackson, focused on reading, giving eskimo kisses to Dad and looking like the center of the universe that she is. She LOVES my Grandpa's rocking chair!