Thursday, February 25, 2010

On the road again

We went up to Massachusettes to visit Nanna from Kentucky (that is her full name), Aunt Elizabeth and Uncle Tom. We had a lovely time, catching up, sleeping over and having homemade doughnuts for breakfast! Jackson hates having his picture taken...have you noticed? Usually I don't force him...but we came all that way to visit Nanna from Kentucky and it would be so nice for her to have a picture with all the kids. You can see how thrilled he was about it. He doesn't know the 'f' word yet but his friend told him that the finger means "I hate you." I think it's directed at me and Nanna from Kentucky didn't even, that makes it a nice picture.

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We've had some snow here may have heard. So, it's lots of fun for the first 3 days...kind of a pain after that.
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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

See Seaworld

We even got to touch the dolphins at Seaworld. Thanks for all the fun Nanna Carrie!
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Disney, the ugly

Our hotel was supported by gigantic maracas.

Sometimes we all felt like this.

Some days we got soaked.

This photo might be sad if it weren't so hilarious.
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Disney, the bad

Dadddy could only come for the weekend and then he didn't get to stay for the remaining seven days of Disney adventures.

Things started to go downhill when Cort picked out a knife from Pirates of the Caribbean and then threatened both characters and tourists alike.

He completed his look with the pirate mickey mouse hat and worried those around him.

Then all the kids joined the green guys army...Cort took it very seriously.
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Disney, the good

Then we went to Disneyland with Nanna Carrie and Grampa Les. It was really fun and everyone had so much fun on Space Mountain...even Jackson cracked a smile.

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sweetly napping

One day Cort was so tired he fell asleep on Sloane. She gently patted his head while he slept. Another day I found him asleep standing up. He was leaning his head on the couch but had passed out while on his feet- I have a video of it.
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Christmas, out of order

So, when we left Turkey we went to Mom and Bobs in Minonk. We played in the snow and went to Walmart and made preprations for Santa.
Cort made cookies...his stirring face looks the same as his angry face.

Then we opened a million presents and apparently didn't get one good picture. It was very fun for everyone but Bob. This is what the house looked like. And this is only a FEW of my Mom's Christmas decorations. You think I'm kidding now...but I'm really not.
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one thing at a time

So, we moved into our new apartment which is some sort of vortex of static electricity, best illustrated in Sloane's hair. And I tied one binkey to the doorhandle so that Cort, who is TWO AND A HALF, could now cut down to binkies only for naps and bedtime. This one he can have whenever he wants, only he can't have any fun...just stand next to the door with his binky. Our new home is pretty nice, but not as cool as the last ones because the kids can not go outside without me and we don't have many neighbor friends.
Luckily, we can (and frequently do) walk to our old favorite Stacy's coffeehouse.

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