Wednesday, April 11, 2007

something interesting

my kids are so funny. billie is SUCH a teacher's pet type and all her motives are selfish ones but she really wants to please everyone and earn compliments so she does it all in a very clever (sneaky so that you don't realize you're turning into her personal slave) way. this is how she asks for things "Would you be so kind as to fetch my shoes for me, Jackson? I think they're downstairs....thanks."
Jackson does not care if you like him and he certainly doesn't want you calling attention to him with compliments about his gorgeous eyes or anything else embarrassing like that. If he doesn't want to do it...he's not going to do it just to make you smile. He is not out for number one and often thinks of others and comes out of nowhere with really kind things and ways of helping me, Sloane, and of course...his sister (the queen) Wilhemina. but for God's sakes don't point that out or he'll stab you with his sword and flash off to another room where he can study his comic book heroes without the nuisance of fans.
Then there's Sloane who I thought had maxed out at cuteness at 4 months. She's STILL irresistible x 10. She waves and smiles at everyone, blows kisses and makes you think she's sweet. Until she wants something or you try to pull a 'trade' on her. Some people might refer to this as the 'ol switcheroo'. She's NOT falling for it- this shovel is way better than the crap you are offering her and she will hold on to it for dear life no matter how many things her brother and sister bring to her alter as offerings. She has the heartiest chuckle and always wants to play. I vaguely recall there was a time when she wasn't up to the play level of her older/wiser siblings. Now she rules them and they can often be heard out in the backyard pleading with her. "Please Sloane...please! I'll give you a ride in the wagon? Pleeeeeeeeeease share, Sloane!" i
thought B & J were smart but Sloane has just blown them out of the water with her signs and games and all the astute things she recognizes in the world.
Here she can be seen doing a 'posed camera smile'...isn't it nice that she learned that so ealry?! ugh!!
digging up the yard and installing our new climber and taking her place among the kids to check out the Daniel in the Lions Den painting at the National Gallery of Art (yes, we do go there once a week!)

did i say i'd write something interesting?! and you believed me?? ha! what i meant to say was "I promise next time I'll write something." period.
interesting things can be found here and here.
If you're into that sort of thing.
I like to set myself apart by being un-interesting and having NO life outside my children so there.

by the way- did you spot billie in the museum group shot? she's the one wearing 20 times the colors and patterns in her clothing. isn't she just perfect?!! oh how i dread her finding out that things are supposed to 'match' and look 'pretty'.

Friday, April 06, 2007

just pictures

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loof toof

Billie has been looking forward to age 6 for a long time, not for any normal reason (why would Billie do anything ordinary?!) but because she wants mo' money in her piggy bank via the tooth fairy. Promptly a week after turning six she has worked a tooth loose and is, this is way better than a Nimbus 2000! She's devised a plan to eat corn on the cob tomorrow "because sometimes, if you're six, when you're eating corn on the cob your tooth suddenly pops out!!"
And, just in case you were wondering what's up in the latest of our relentless adventures as Prof. McGonigall, Hermione, Harry, and Neville Longbottom (Sloane plays Neville, because he's hopeless at getting anything right and requires constant supervision). (I know how this is probably one of the things you're always thinking about...the Solley's who attend all their regular museum trips; this week to view all the Bible story paintings, playgrounds, a science musical at the library, story time and the grocery store, in character). As we came into Chapter 10 of book 3 (beware of chapter 10 and beyond!!!) things get especially creepy with goblins that suck the soul right out of you so that you wander the earth as an empty shell until death and Harry replaying the moment of his parents murder in his head hearing his Mom scream "Have mercy! Save Harry and take me!!" perpetually...i mean...sheesh! There's only so much a protective mom can take!! I like my children safe in their little bubble of emotional well-being where no one ever dies and the biggest problem one can imagine is losing the privilege of choosing a new library book that day. Yes, the imaginary world of wizards is very fun and exciting but I think we'll take a break for now.
I made calculated moves to steer us elsewhere as I read the remaining chapters without emphasis and changing "Harry was filled with so much rage he wanted to kill" to "Harry was really REALLY mad." Right now we are reading: A Series of Unfortunate Events, The BFG, and Captain Underpants (3 chapter books all at once) and our listening ears are tuned to Winnie the Pooh audio books at night so that we can think of all the silly, happy doings at Pooh corner as we fall asleep. I have had to fend off requests for book 4 but the kids are totally caught up in the BFG by Roald Dahl and I think the Lemony Snicket stuff has a lot of the weird, creepiness of Hogwarts...hopefully with less of the death/fear factor. If all else fails I can get the video of Unfortunate Events and that's sure to peak their interest.
Of course, every book we read is about a kid with no parents...what IS up with that as a theme in children's literature?!
I have to admit...I'm a little worried that both kids will learn to read major words next week just so that they can start on book 4. Billie did make that tooth loose by sheer willpower. What can a 6 year old not accomplish when she sets her mind to it?
I promise next time I'll write something at least slightly interesting and not just kid stuff. really, i'm not a total loser...i do knitting...and also picking up shoes off the floor, and knitting outside, and learning how to knit and I build forts too.