Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Fall times four

yeah, yeah, it's been a while. camera was broken (yes...again! one might think my baby sock as a camera case idea ineffective. one who learns from their mistakes.) Anyhow...new camera is here and it's lovely. And Nannou is here and she's lovely. Boppy is here and he's...um....funny.

No blogging because my day is spent removing the entire batch of halloween sticky goo from Billie's hair when her idea for a crown went very very wrong. Today just after I finished hiding the marker Sloane had used to decorate her hands and feet...I had to start cleaning the lazy boy recliner. It's really pretty ugly as it is...but I guess it's worse with blue scribbles all over the seat and arm rests.
Billie has worn a compass around her neck for 9 days straight and is still in love with her halloween dress even though all the other (normal) kids are wearing their shirts with little snowmen embroidery's decorations.
Jackson is SO pissed at Sloane and her CONSTANT disruption of everything he's interested in and working on but wonderfully kind and happy for the other 3 minutes a day.
Cort is a joy...though no longer a silent one. He TALKS and SQUAWKS all the time. It might be disruptive if it was ever quiet enough to hear him. I know it's loud because we experience one hour of quiet each week in church and as soon as the music stops we can all hear Cort making his own music of eeee...aaaa....aghhhh....ooooooooo.. (mostly vowel sounds). It's not crying but it's noisy. He happily watches everything from his spot on the couch or his blankie on the floor and smiles and gets himself as involved as he can.
Also, leaves are fun.

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