Wednesday, March 30, 2011

the big 1-0

Billie is in double digits now. Which has been shocking me for can that little ball of patient, thoughtful baby be turning 10? She has a retainer, she is creative, inventive, happy all the time...unless she's stomping off with a snotty remark. She returns 4 minutes later eager and giddy with a new idea that she just has to share...can't remember to stay angry or cranky because as soon as she's alone with her thoughts...she comes up with a plan, a project, a game, an idea and she's happy again.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

weekend at the park

This weekend we went to the park. The sun and shedding our heavy coats feels wonderful after winter in Bulgaria.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

little Sloane

Sloane used to look like this, now she can read (a little) and write (a lot) and make her bed, get her own breakfast, help Cort, remind us to pray before we eat and lead a game for all her friends. Five is a REALLY old kid.
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Traditional OZ

These costumes will always be my favorite, I'm in a blog-frenzy and came across them- too darling to pass up.
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I'm Otay

One day Cort may have broken his nose. We didn't have any official x-rays or anything, but I'm pretty sure it was broken, but then he was fine.
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these are the days

Once a really detailed and thoughtful building, just left to rot looks sad, but a little lovely, and like it's full of stories...maybe ghost stories.  I love the way the bare trees look on the foggy days too.
A day walking in Sofia.

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This is walking around Bulgaria. Bulgaria is weird. There's lots of lovely things if you look for them, but you have to look for them. It's ugly/beauty. That's my favorite kind of beauty, at the moment. There's graffiti on EVERYTHING, I'm going to start taking more pictures. Now that I can use un-mittened hands outdoors again.
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Boylie Girl

It's nice to have girls AND boys in the house- Jackson knows how to knit and cross stitch. Cort can go between high heels and tiaras to clones and iron man. Billie can skateboard, climb trees and read horror stories. Sloane can do cloaks and daggers just as well as teeny tiny polly pocket neighborhoods. Sloane and Cort are still the ultimate pair of friends. They do EVERYTHING together and have equally as inventive and consistant games as their older set. Sometimes they play 'Sisters' which involves lots of princess outfits and Cort takes on this weeny, high voice and floats around saying things like "I a dirl." And other times he uses his mean and angry voice to say things like "Dihv me dat water boddle wite now or I will tut off your head!"
This week he went to a St. Patricks Day party wearing a sparkly unicorn outfit with pink accents, it's ingenious really, because everyone then thought it was cute when he said "My horn is pointy and it can TILL you!"
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Go Daddy Go!

Today Bill is running a big race, so big that it take TWO DAYS to finish. He's in Budapest and he talked a few of the guys in his office to joining him (they agreed to do ONE day). That's fun. The kids and I had lots of b-day parties and playdates this weekend and today we'll make a poster to decorate the front door.
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