Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The way things are in transition

So, a few things of interest happened since I last posted a blog. Like, we moved to the United States and stuff.
Too much to recount it all but at least I can mention a few highlights:
Sloane turned 4 and got a big red inflatable ball that you can climb inside and roll around an empty apartment after the movers have come.
I have worn the same outfit for 5.7 weeks straight, the grey boots with buckles, skinny jeans and a sweater in cardigan form or other.
We played legos.
We have played LOTS of board games. Bill has worked out every day and bikes, walks or runs to work every day since we moved here.
We got a new van even crappier than the one we had before.
Excellent time hanging out with cousins.
Invaded Mom and Bob's house for a 3 week stay and expressed our critical opinions of everything they did during that 3 week period.
Decorated 4 Christmas trees at Mom's house.
We sat on Santa's lap.
We made snow forts and snow people and snow angels and had painful and totally disappointing sugar on snow party.
Cort has not changed is simplified/shouting speech style since I last wrote: "This. Mine. Yogurt. This. Not. Loane's. Yogurt. This. Spoon. Mine. Weapon. Shoot. You. Mine weapon! I not mean guy. I nice mean guy!"
Most all of his statements include the words mine and weapon.
For now we're having fun in our little, nice place in Virginia (little is so much easier than big!).
We are catching up with friends, doing a homeschool drama class, yoga class with Ankara friends, and piano lessons. We are waiting to hear where our next location will be and wondering if Bill will get language training for that location...thinking it's most likely that he will.
We are happy and busy and astounded at the awful traffic and cost of groceries. We are obsessed with the library and all our new books and neglecting our blog/email and other computer related functions.
In a few days we're headed to Disneyland for a week's vacation. I think I'll blog again before we move again. That's all our news.