Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Sloane is 6 (oh no!)

sloane is  turning my least favorite age.  In the collective 29 1/2 birthday years I've been through as a parent...six is really NOT my favorite age.  Let's hope Sloane's amazing capacity for kindness will overcome the six-year-old-snootiness I've seen in the past. 

Sloane makes friends with everyone-girls and boys want to play with her, because she's fun and generous.  She has good ideas for play and isn't bossy about them.  She's accommodating with youngers and follows along with olders.  She's excellent at listening and encouraging those around her to do the right thing in a very gentle way "Hmm...I don't think my brother would like it if you put the gingerbread house in the leopard gecko cage.  What if we play house and I am your leopard gecko pet and pretend I keep trying to eat the candy off the house and you keep saying "No, no Lighteningspeed!"

She and Cort are the very best of friends and often get so caught up in their games of little toys- calico critters, polly pockets, pirate island, nativity set.  We don't see them for hours at a time.  It's a good time to be six because she gets along with the older crew as well.  Billie's friends often include Sloane in their games (not Cort) of role-playing and AG dolls.  Jackson can teach her things: show her how to cook, yo-yo, read and she will pay attention rather than shoot foam bullets at his chest during his demonstration (Cort).

If 6 is half as nice as 5 with Sloane- I'll be a happy mama.

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Athens Marathon/Greek Gods

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The Solley's take on Athens, Greece

One day we went to Greece.  It was little 12 hour drive, we stopped once in the middle for butter croissants, from Sofia to Athens.  

It was a slightly windy at the Acropolis.
Happy anniversary to us!
Cort was doing ninja moves.
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Merry- Merry!

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