Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Rock lobsters

Billie and Jackson get their first crack at real rock climbing- no more plastic playlands for us!

Of course, Cort had to try it out for himself.

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We went to Olympos- best castle climbing/hammock swaying/ mountain hiking to an amazing view/Turkish cabana pillow lounging/going with friends for the commune experience/Bill carries all the heavy stuff trip that we've had in a while.

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wild boy

This is the THIRD- no kidding third pair of Jackson's shoes I've had to throw out this's warm outside and you can tell we've been castle climbing.
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I can't imagine how that happens. It's not like I've worn these shoes every day since I was pregnant with Cort- I wear my boots once in a while. And, by the way, these are not the best shoes to wear to Austria when there's 3 feet of snow and you have to take the kids sledding.