Thursday, June 02, 2011


Last week we went to Varna. The kids spent a lot of time burying eachother in the sand. Which led Jackson to an insightful observation. While digging a hole for Cort to fit in (he has to fit in wearing his 'floaty suit', which is a big inflatable thing like a life jacket) he says "It must be a lot of work for obese people grave diggers."


The gondola ride rocked.

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We went to Venice one day and the food was yummy but it cost us 12 Euros to use the bathroom!

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We went glamping outside of Venice at this fabulous place. It was decorated beautifully, we woke up to fresh made cakes for breakfast and they even had bikes for guests to use!

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Mirano, Italy was so much fun. We found a chocolateria there and they run the cone under a fountain of chocolate to coat the inside of the cone before your ice cream goes in. Cort does not like to be on the back of the lion!

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One day we went to Rovenji. I don't really know how to spell that. It was before one city and after another. It was in between. Guess what we did in Rovenji? We threw rocks in water. When I say something to Billie and she IS NOT in Venice, like 'Turn around, let me take your picture!" She likes to say "Maawwwwm! Humph!"

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Splitvice was REALLY beautiful. We heard they had some water there, so we went to see if we could throw some rocks in it. Bill is kinda cranky when we're travelling, did you notice? One time he yelled at these young folks in Triste who were partying in their tents which were 6 FEET AWAY from our tents. He yelled at them at 4am and he wasn't saying very nice things. Even if they spoke Italian, I think they could pretty much get the gist of it. Anyway, Plitvice was really lovely.

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In between

When we're not in a cool city, we are driving from one cool city to the next.
This is what it's like in the car- the kids take their books everywhere. Let's try to pretend Cort isn't in the car singing the ABC song for the 47th time that hour
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