Sunday, August 12, 2012

extraordinary in the midwest

 Some folks think it's strange to go off and live in Japan & Bulgaria.  I love the discovery of it all.  Each time I'm somewhere new I see things with a fresh eye; the common becoms uncommen when you're coming from a different place.  This is a neighborhood house that is COVERED in cats, cats in the yard, in the trees, on the sidewalk, on the trashcans.  There is no sign of humans living here- though I hear tell of an owner...I've only seen cats.  It's fascinating!

Also, it's fun to watch the Olympics and to buy lemonade from a girl wearing a Justin Bieber shirt!  How cool is that?! It's so Americanne!

Expectations increase for Cort

 Cort turned FIVE.  Which is a big and dignified age.  And I'm a bit embarrassed to say it aloud.  Because when people know that you're five they sort of expect you to least a little.  Cort least a little...once in while.

 He's old enough to be trusted with a baby in a stroller...though Sameson seems a little unsure how they're going to get down the front steps.

 And he's reached the legal age for candy cigs in North Carolina.  Cort, you're a wild man with painted nails and I'm just crazy about you.  ...also crazy because of you.
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