Friday, November 27, 2009

the way things are in Turkey

Today was beautiful, Bill and the kids climbed to the top of a cliff.

I chatted with the ladies in the sheep killing area.

Cort climbed into an antique bucket in the antique display section because the kid-loving Turks don't care if kids climb all over pieces of art at the museum or start swordfighting with are allowed to do anything they want.

(which includes smoking.)
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Ebru painting

Either we were painting on cows fat oil or something was lost in the translation.

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Eee Bayramlar!

It's sacrafice holiday in Turkey. Invite all the family over and then dress up the sheep, goat or cow with fancy ribbons...

Come on little guy...let's go to the backyard.

I'll bring the knives...
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Thankful I'm not a sheep

Gather around and sing to the goat...sing a gentle prayerful song while gently stroking the little guy

Foreigners watch from afar respectfully.
Cut open his throat and bend his head back to break his neck.
Carry the bits and pieces back to the house (didn't you notice that was a huge cows head laying on the ground 3 photos ago?)
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Sunday, November 08, 2009

dear friends

Lately I've been thinking about the people in my life. Sometimes people come in to my life and then they go out of my life...probably because I'm not on Facebook (and because I'm terrible at keeping in touch) but these people are still a part of my life. Well, the important ones are. There's plenty of folks that I've forgotten, I'm sure. Then there's the people I could never forget: people who I look up to, who've given me advice...people I can talk about anything with; from nipples to nose-hairs. I feel very lucky for all of you.. the people in my life!