Sunday, October 28, 2007

Friday, October 26, 2007

That's just sick

We've been sick around here. Too sick to knit...which, as my friend said, "Too sick to knit? That's like dead."
We have pictures of it because sometimes I get my camera out to take a picture of something cute that is NOT Sloane but she insists that I take her picture as well and these are the results of that. Moments I think most parents might rather forget. Yes, this is what happens when you don't wear a bib and you wear the splatter of your day proudly. Because...when else are you allowed to have chocolate pudding AND blue popsicles AND pink lollipops? That shirt tells a whole story in itself. What happens to homeschooling when people get sick? Well, we learn a lot. We've learned that we most certainly can get by on eating a million apples and survive with nothing for dinner but tombstone pizza 3 nights in a row. And I've learned just how out of control laundry can get when you're in the middle of a season change (so we have tank tops out with the sweaters) and you let it pile up for a couple weeks. Not a very fun lesson to learn I have to say.
Also, there's a new toileteer at our house, which happened despite all my efforts to continue diapers for just a little longer.

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I have no idea how Billie and Jackson have managed to stay well through all of this but they've been to Kings Dominion and Chuck E Cheese with Grampa Les and Nanna Carrie. Yesterday I FINALLY felt well enough (guilty) to take the whole gang over to the library for storytime in the rain! So, I think we're coming back to life here.
Billie really stepped up to the plate and as I was sleeping upstairs I heard her call up "Jackson...breakfast is ready!" I wondered what she was doing and promptly resumed snoring. A while later when I came down she had Sloane on the stool at the sink helping her wash hands "Now do this hand, Sloane. Good!" and a breakfast of buttered toast ("I couldn't open the jam jar and Jackson couldn't either") had been served to all. Plates and everything. So, that's impressive.
Just to whine a bit here: I was SO SICK! like, i take about 5 tylenol a year because i'm really not into taking medication and i had about 5 years worth of tylenol in 4 days. Of course, because we can't just have one malady at at time...the painters came that day. Painting twice in one year? Oh yes, that's us. First the inside, now the outside. I thought it would be no biggie because it's the outside. But we had to have all the windows in the house open while like 8 strange men banged, scraped and sanded the old crusty paint off. So, I had to keep all the kids in the basement just to keep an eye on everyone and when we finally emerged there was a nice layer of white dust covering EVERYTHING in the house. Like, the water glasses on the table had a coating of white dust over them and it was EVERYWHERE. Not so pleasant on the sore throat- the white dustiness. I won't even go into the day I cried in the doctors office.
So, that's what we've been up to. Cort has the BLUEST eyes in the world and he's really REALLY tall.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Fall times

We've been back at the museums, Jackson knitted a blankie for Cort (on Bille's lap). Cort smiles at Daddy. Hammock time for the boys and a rare shot of me doing (because i also do fun things with the kids, though you would never know it from looking through our photo albums...)

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